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How can we better hear the wondrous Voice of the Lord?

The One whose Voice thunders like many waters...The One who unrolled the curtains of the Heavens like a tent. Who named the stars. Who holds the vaults of Earth and uses it as His footstool. Who has set the paths of the lightnings and the orbits for the planets. THIS ONE desires time with YOU and wants to speak with you. He Has summoned you to His Throne.

Can you make time to spend with Him, because that is the first step in hearing Him clearly. When we spend time in His Presence, He begins to reveal His secrets. We become more attuned to His Voice and to His Will. The more time you give Him, the higher He takes you and the clearer your vision and understanding of Him.

As we spend time with Him, we understand His WAYS. He speaks to us by His Spirit and through the Great Mind of Christ. He does not, however, always use speech to communicate. The way He speaks is through His Word, parables, visions, dreams, prophets, pastors, teachers and other relationships, divine appointments, impressions in your spirit, His Audible Voice, and many others. We must recognize these various forms.

A common form is through impressions, or a "knowing in your spirit". The impression won't leave you or release you. It is always there. You may sense that He wants you to do something or pray for someone. Step out by faith and obey. I have done this and many times I have been surprised at how thankful the person is that I stopped to pray with, and would remark how much they had needed it. Over time, as you step out in faith, you will more clearly recognize His Voice and have less trouble differentiating between His Voice and your own.

One last thought...Sheep know their shepherd's voice. They don't follow other sheep. Sheep are not herded by watching what the other sheep do and then following them. Sheep are very particular in that they ONLY follow THEIR own Shepherds voice. You can have a mixture of flocks with several shepherds and the sheep herds will blend but once it is time to leave and the Shepherd calls to them, they respond only to their own Master's voice. Each flock separates unto His Shepherd and none are sent home with the wrong flock. That is how we are. God created us, and HE made us to be able to recognize our Shepherd's Voice, HIS Voice.

Respond to His Call and spend time alone in His Presence...His mysteries and secrets await...

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