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06.14.09 PROPHECY

So it is that in the Secret Place of My Presence I will align you with My will, reposition you, set you in a new place of vision. I will give you new strategies to defeat the enemy and a new boldness will come upon you as you wait on Me, says the Lord. There is much to be done and the time is now short. It is urgent that you wait. Qavah Me and We shall be intertwined. The joining of your will with Mine is imperative to receive My Power, says the Lord. For it is key in this time and hour.

Be still and receive, that in the moment of release, you will have the proper anointing for the job at hand. Step into My Will, and as We are twisted together, move in Faith. Trust Me. For as you wait upon Me, the time that you have spent, shall not be spent, or wasted, but shall be locked up in Eternity and eternal things shall be accomplished, says the Lord. The Time well-spent shall create a timing of the Lord, and as We move together, dance together, great things shall burst forth and be accomplished through My will.

I am the Everlasting One and you are My Chosen One in whom My Soul delights. Intertwined in ME.

So Wait for (Qavah)Me and Receive My Power, says the Lord.