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What Is Soaking?
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Know Jesus

Do you realize that God loves you like crazy? There is a purpose for your life. He's waiting for you to get to know him. Ask him to come into your heart and He will supernaturally invade you with His power, His help and His Presence.
Pray to Him now...

Dear Jesus,
You are God's son and are perfect and holy. You shed your blood for me and died on the cross to pay the penalty for my sin. You are the only way to Heaven. I repent for my sins and for trying to do it my way. Please come into me and take charge of my life, making me Brand New! Thank you for erasing my past and giving me a Heavenly home with you. I will live my life for you. Amen

If you prayed that, you have become a Brand New Child of God. Your sins are not only Forgiven, they are gone! Get a Holy Bible and read his Love Letter to you, and pray to him.
You are in a relationship with our Amazing God. He will find ways to talk to you and just learn to listen. He loves You more than you know.
what is soaking?