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What Is Soaking?
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what is soaking?

Hi everyone...I am a pianist/songwriter with a prophetic psalmist calling. I enjoy just playing in the Spirit and have recorded some of the spontaneous piano instrumentals on various albums. While playing, the prophetic Word of the Lord also comes and my fingers just play the music to the Word He is speaking at the moment. I have received original songs with lyrics also, and those will be released on future albums.

The new sound is a sound that flows from HIM...His vibrations, His Light, His Essence. The new sound from Heaven carries healing qualities and refreshing, as well as, activation and breakthrough.

It is my desire that this intimate worship provide an atmosphere to lead you into a deeper encounter with Jesus the Messiah, and as you stand captivated and overwhelmed in His Presence, may you release that which you receive, to a lost and waiting generation!